STFU (Sonic Topographical Frequency Utility)

Winter 2016

In two weeks, Lance Laughlin and Mø Morales and I created a device called STFU (Sonic Topographical Frequency Utility) that visualizes sound data. The device--surreptitiously placed at a property being considered for purchase--collects sound level data over any given length of time, which is used to create a three dimensional time map. 

I also designed, printed, and bound a book that illustrates the evolution of our process. 


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6.18.00 PM.png

Process book

I created this book because I like when everything can be in one place--our thoughts, decisions, work, etc. The book features a step by step visual evolution of the data, from a list of numbers to an understandable visualization. The other section features a series of speculative news headlines that ask the reader to think about the implications of this product/technology. I included this section because I think considering future implications is a critical step in understanding the possible value (or detriment) of a new technology.