Humana Go365

Our team was tasked to redesign Humana's loyalty program called Go365. I was responsible for restructuring the site map, digesting and often creating business requirements, designing stimuli for user testing, user flows, annotated wireframes and interactive prototypes to define the new experience. Below are examples of deliverables and process. 

Our final product was an annotated UXPin prototype for desktop + mobile. Our system and interaction patterns spanned four qualitatively different user types.



We used a somewhat agile process. Each three week sprint started a testing phase, where we created stimuli, then we tried bring that feedback in as we started cataloging current state, designing, building, then presenting. Throughout, we tried brining the visual designers into the conversation as soon as we could.

On the left, a printed version of the current state site, organized according to the new navigation structure. On the right, a smattering of sketches/notes used to guide our thinking. 


A snapshot of one of our whiteboards. 


Task based user flows evolving from broad-stroke post-its to detailed maps. 


Throughout, we designed for both mobile and desktop solutions. I've included the visual design below to show how these designs ultimately were translated (Note: I did not do the visual design). 

Commercial engaged.png

The Go365 program is very nuanced. Our designs often had to account for different user types, multiple types of currency ("bucks" and "points"), and different information tied to the user's "status" ("blue", "silver", "gold" etc.). Below is an example of different states of our dashboard. 


New User

New User.png

Engaged User

Commercial engaged.png

Special Messaging

Commercial VC message.png

Renewal Year

Renewal year.png

Additionally, I helped redesign the Go365 Mall section of the program. This was a separate project, and is meant to go live in January of 2018.